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If you are arriving in a car there are two ways to get to the island Rab.

    • On the north side of the island there is a car-ferry “Valbiska-Lopar”, very popular due to the proximity of the Rijeka and the its air port. The ferry ride is 90 minutes long and is extremely interesting because it gives a marvelous overview of the whole island.  Once you dock the port Lopar set off on the main road towards the holiday village San Marino (approximately 2500 meters from the ferry-boat port) and next to the hotels "San Marino" is our pansion "Dragica"..
    • You can also arrive from the south side of the island and take a 15 minutes ride with the “Jablanac-Mišnjak” ferry-boat. The ferries circulate 8-20 times a day or even more frequently according to demand.
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Aeroport on island Krk
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Sailing order Mišnjak Jablanac:

Sailin order Valbiska - Lopar: